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Hello, hello!

I am so happy that you’re here!
I am Manushree a watercolour fine artist from India. I create florals that bring in a sense of calm, peace and positivity. I adore vintage colours and that’s what you’ll find plays a huge role in my florals. I am a cat mum to a darling tuxedo cat named Felix 🙂

I was always the kid who would be tucked away in a corner of their home with painting supplies and a huge creativity book, whereas that kid in me never really grew up my love for art just kept compounding over the years and even though as I was pulled towards the corporate world in lieu of adulting, the art crept in and continues to blossom every day.

I feel am a student of life, I love learning new things and lately the joy of sharing had a rendezvous with me when I taught the first every floral workshop, It was incredible to see people who had never held a brush before paint blooms to life, the happiness and smiles on their faces instilled me with confidence to teach 🙂

I hope I can help you in your pursuit of creativity by sharing my process and knowledge abundantly. Thank you for choosing me to be a participant in your creative journey, I’d like to invite you to come and paint with me to experience the joy and fun 🙂 

I can be found on Instagram, where I routinely share free process videos  @thewhimsicalcreative

Happy creating friends!